We are familiar with the burden of recruiting the perfect employees, training and retaining them.

Even though you spent lots of time and money in order to train, grow and develop your employees, there are many cases when your HR, accounting and sales people decide to leave the firm. Until you hire a new person on the freshly vacant position, your company loses lots of valuable resources.

Our solution is a perfect alternative to induction trainings, lunch breaks or sick leave. The chatbot will never be in a bad mood or ask for a raise for working overtime. 24/7 availability is what we offer and lots of time and money in savings.

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If you already decided to go on the business automation route or you are still unsure of all the benefits that it offers, we are your best partners in finding the most suitable solutions to solve your everyday challenges.

Accelerate business transformation

We perform an in-depth analysis of the systems that you are currently using. We identify the processes that can be automated and our chatbots will start doing these actions for you, while you can focus on more important tasks.


We believe there isn’t a one size fits all and this applies to technology as well. This is why we are able to offer both hybrid and on premise implementation as well as on your favourite communication channels.

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Hello! I am Christina!

Maybe you’re asking yourself what can I do for your business.
Well, in a nutshell, I will be taking care of all the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, letting your colleagues focus on what is really important, such as increasing your turnover, finding innovative solutions or dealing with problems which needs a real human input.

There are so many challenges that HR departments are facing everyday: whether we are talking about recruitment (where I can take over posting JDs and later on matching the dream candidate with the dream job), onboarding and induction (think of me as the ideal buddy to all the new people around the offices, guiding them through company rules, compulsory trainings and even finding the coffee machine), admin tasks and even my favorite thing – compensation and benefits (who doesn’t love free stuff?).

Each process can be made different, can be better, can be more efficient. Let me take care of it all!

Hello! I am Laura!

I will be the personal assistant of your sales force.
Things like providing quick reports, KPIs overview and 360 deep dive of your customers is what I’m best at! While I’m taking care of these tasks, your sales team can focus on developing the sales funnel and turning those leads into money.

Moreover, the customers that come on your website and are interested in finding out more about your products are easily transformed into valuable leads that I can assign to one of your sales reps with all the information needed.

Hello! I am Anna!

I was created as a solution to your busy schedule as manager.
As a thank you, I will be taking care of all your approvals that you have to fulfill on a daily basis as a manager. We both know how time consuming is accessing several different systems in order to have all the requests approved.

By gathering all the information that needs to be approved in one single message (Capex, Opex, contract review), I am helping you save lots of time daily while you can focus on building strategy to grow your business.

Hello! I am Victor!

I am an internal chatbot for your bank employees.
I can provide them with tailored bank offers for the clients who are interacting with your employees. By doing this, I am helping you to quickly provide a credit proposal for your final clients, in collaboration with your front desk employees.

I am a valuable resource both for your experienced employees as well as for your new joiners who just need to ask me what they need and I will be providing them with relevant information that can be further placed at the final client’s disposal.

Hello! I am Claudia!

I am very eager to help your clients that need an insurance for their vacation – hoping that there will be enough space left in their luggage for me. I can also help them get their house or car insurance, products which are only a few clicks away.

All they need to do is to tell me what insurance product are they seeking and I will generate it for them on your behalf. Simple as that!

Hello, I am David!

I am aware of the fact that your patients need full attention and quick replies.
This is why I will be assisting clients with appointments, information on their health packages and prices on different procedures because we know that, in business, every minute counts.

I can provide 24/7 customer support, billing and patients monitoring for each of your clients, making each of them feel like a priority for you.

You are in good company with brands from various industries that are already using Druid chatbot technology